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Sheriff's Parole

Kern County Sheriff's Office

The Kern County Board of Parole Commissioners was established January 9, 1958, by the Kern County Sheriff’s Office and used as a benefit to incarcerated persons for early release. In 1990, the Sheriff’s Office was placed under a federal court order mandating the level of population allowed in the jails and County Parole became an inmate population management tool.

The County Parole Board consists of a Deputy Sheriff, Probation Officer and a Civilian Member appointed by the Presiding Judge. California Penal Code Sections 3074 to 3089 govern the County Parole System. Kern County Parole works in conjunction with the Electronic Monitoring Program.

Program Description

County Parole is an early release program offered to fully sentenced inmates who meet established eligibility criteria. The parole program can also be used as a supplement to the Work Release and Electronic Monitoring Programs by converting participants to parole after successful completion of a portion of their sentence in each of those programs, respectively.

Inmates released into County Parole will be supervised by the Parole Officer. The deputies assigned to the Electronic Monitoring Program will provide infield compliance by ensuring home visits are accomplished and by maintaining phone contact. Additionally, parolees are required to report monthly, in writing, and are required to attend counseling and classes as deemed appropriate by the Board of Parole Commissioners.

Terms of Participation

Parolees are to remain under the control of the Board of Parole Commissioners during the period of parole and are subject to all rules and regulations as ordered by the board.

Parolees shall seek employment and shall not knowingly associate with parolees, probationers or known gang members without permission of the parole officer.

Enrollment in an education program or residential treatment facility can be in lieu of employment.

Parolees are to keep the parole officer informed as to their whereabouts. Parolees are not allowed to leave the county or stay away from their residence over night without the permission of the parole officer.

Parolees are not allowed to consume alcohol or be under the influence of any illegal drug.

Parolees are subject to search of their person and any property under their control at any time, with or without a warrant, by any peace officer. Parolees are to submit to testing for drugs or alcohol at any time, to any peace officer.

Interested inmates can ask any jail staff for an application for our program. Questions regarding Sheriff’s Parole should be directed to the EMP office.

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